Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Am I already a noona?

Lately aku suka sangat dengar lagu yang berkisarkan boys yang suka kepada noona, maybe taste aku sudah berubah or I’m just keborigan tahap sawan gila. I did ask my younger brother to call me noona because I like it rather than kakak, but he will not do it even I beg him on my knees. Entahlha sejak menjadi remaja 18 tahun nie walaupun belum official aku selalu rasa yang aku nie dah tua, dah aku akan berasa lagi tue apabila aku nampak budak sekolah lalu depan rumah aku. Why erk? 18 is still young my opinion I mean we did already passed the teenagers stage and move on to young adult stage but still ada word YOUNG kan~ why I become so sensitive with this age issues? I don’t know myself anymore, another 2 years aku akan kehilangan angka 1 and move to 2. I always thought yang aku masih di alam remaja childish lha kunuk but people surrounding me always tell me that I’m so mature especially my uncle, he even scolded her niu er and said “tengok c Ilah lagi matang dari kau walaupun kw tua 2 tahun”. Also I find myself for not being shy around boys anymore because I know I much older than them, sebelum nie shylha because we all wearing school uniform and can’t predict the exact age but since I’m not wearing school uniform anymore bila aku jalan2 di bandar and nampak durang pakai school uniform memang terasa sangat older. Pernah sekali nie aku naik bas pastu sebelah aku boy, first impression; hemsemlah jugak~ but tengok baju school uniform, memang hampah gila2. Pernah dengar lagu taylor swift entitle 22;

To fall in love with strangers

Sometimes I think that Taylor Swift stalk on me because everything not everthinglha some parts that she wrote are exactly what I was gonna say, thinking and write on my diary. I found this on internet;

it do make sense

here some Korean songs that really catch my intention;

saranghae noona, do you think this a joke? It’s really a first time for me
                    -saranghae noona by Park Sang Woo

Noona is so pretty, looking at her I go crazy
                        -replay by Shinee

call me freak or anything, see if I care! Heheh nie lha kehidupan seorang korean hard-die-fans~ dreaming in one of our motto, kidding ^_^ I guess thats it, I should stop before I’m completely in KPOP MODE

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